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What to expect at Kirkman Chiropractic 

At Kirkman Chiropractic, we have the experience and expertise to help you get better and stay better – naturally.

A Chiropractic Team That’s on Your Side

At Kirkman Chiropractic, you have access to multiple doctors. Their individual expertise, brought together as a team, provides you with specialized skills and experience that are unlikely to be found elsewhere. Your doctors work together to ensure that all solutions are considered and the best, most complete treatment plan is implemented. We take a team approach, working together to ensure your treatment is managed efficiently and your appointments are convenient and productive.

You’re Committed to Healing – We’re Committed to You

When you become a patient at Kirkman Chiropractic, you join a team that is fully committed to your health. Your complaints may have resulted from an accident, injury, or some chronic progressive condition. Your Kirkman Chiropractic team will thoroughly evaluate you and make a recommendation for care. This may require a brief treatment program or one involving additional care, such as physical therapy or rehabilitation. Your health team will explain the specifics of your care plan and ask for your commitment to healing.

Call to Make an Appointment Today!

Take the first step in your healing by contacting us. We have flexible scheduling and offer emergency care, late-afternoon and same-day appointments, including Saturdays. Most major medical insurance plans and all automobile insurances accepted. Call (407) 291-1000.

Our Treatment Process Puts You Front and Center

It’s deliberately engineered to enable us to focus on your individual condition. Our thorough examinations, diagnosis, recommendations, and treatment will get you out of pain and on your path to healing.

Relief and Healing Come Step-by-Step

Our comprehensive process enables us to diagnose your condition, design a solution, implement a custom treatment plan, and educate you on self-care. It’s a step-by-step process that is thorough and complete.

Step 1 – Consultation/Examination

Let’s Talk About You

Your first visit is our opportunity to get to know you. We will learn about your history, your current condition, and your treatment goals. A complete examination will be conducted consisting of chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurologic tests. Based on your results, X=ray and thermographic nerve studies may also be conducted.

Step 2 – Diagnosis

We Find a Solution

With all of your information at hand, our doctors will consult together to solve your problem in a way that is compatible with your health goals. It’s a team – and a plan – built for your individual care.

Step 3 – Planning and Scheduling

We Build a Plan

There are no typical patients and no typical treatment plans. We create a custom treatment plan for you that may include chiropractic adjustments, passive modalities, physical and/or massage therapy, patient education, and follow-up.

Step 4 – Treatment

You Join the Team

Our mission is to help you achieve your goals. We also need your support and commitment to the treatment process. We have found that, when our patients make a personal commitment to their recovery, they truly become a member of the team, improving faster and attaining long-lasting results.

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