Learn more about the conditions we commonly treat in our office. 

Commonly Treated Conditions

In addition to neck pain, back pain, headaches, and whiplash we can also help with:


Disc Herniations

The discs are the shock absorbers between the vertebrae of the spine. Due to their elastic nature, they allow motion to occur within the spine. Within their core is a jelly-like substance that adds to the discs’ overall flexibility. Many factors such as trauma, lack of exercise, poor posture, and improper lifting can lead to disc herniation. When this occurs, the disc cracks, and the jelly core leaks out putting pressure on the nearby nerves.

Symptoms such as severe back pain with pain radiating down the leg are common. Severe cases can affect muscle strength and even bladder and bowel function. A thorough evaluation is critical to determine the extent of the problem. Thankfully, mild to moderate disc herniation can be treated very successfully with chiropractic care along with rehabilitative exercise.

Spinal decompression can also be very effective. Conservative treatment can help restore normal function, allowing the natural healing process to occur without surgical intervention.


Sports Injuries

Keeping involved and active is an essential part of life. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do occur. Our staff of doctors and therapists are trained to assess and treat a multitude of musculoskeletal injuries and complaints. Thankfully, chiropractic treatment including spinal adjustments, various physical therapiesmassage, and rehabilitative exercise can help patients overcome most injuries and get them back in the game within a short period of time.



Scoliosis is more often seen in girls, typically presenting itself in the teen years. There are two basic forms of scoliosis: (1) structural, due to congenital deformity, and (2) functional, due to injury or habitual pressures. In the beginning, symptoms are generally very mild with stiffness and soreness as the only presenting complaints. Later, without treatment, obvious posture distortions present causing uneven shoulders and hips. Back and hip pain also are common.

Advanced scoliosis can lead to serious conditions, including breathing problems and cardiac abnormalities. A thorough evaluation, including X-rays, can determine the extent of the problem. Most issues if caught early can be treated conservatively with chiropractic care and physical therapy.



In its most basic definition, arthritis involves inflammation of the joints, and by far the most common form is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the result of wear and tear on the joints of the body. Other factors involved can be hereditary predisposition, as well as the traumas of life. Eventually, the joint surfaces begin to roughen and lead to pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased range of motion. More severe cases can lead to nerve impairment and disability.

Though not reversible, osteoarthritis symptoms and progression can be slowed significantly. Chiropractic treatment can help maintain the integrity of the joints and have a dramatic impact on the arthritic patient’s lifestyle.



Sciatica is one of the most common complaints seen in our Orlando office. Typically, a patient presents with acute pain in the low back which radiates down into the buttocks and lower leg. The direct pressure on the sciatic nerve leads to painful symptoms. Causes can range from simple body mechanics and habits to trauma and disc herniations.

Most sciatica issues can be treated very successfully with conservative chiropractic care. Treatment for an uncomplicated problem might consist of spinal manipulation to address the abnormal body mechanics and nerve pressure, along with physical therapy modalities to decrease pain and hasten the healing process.



Most patients initially visit a chiropractor for effective treatment of neck pain, back pain, headaches, whiplash injuries, sports injuries, or some other musculoskeletal problem. Many stay on to seek the benefits of improved overall health.

The integrity of the nervous system determines the overall health of the body. Through natural and holistic means, chiropractic care relieves nerve pressure allowing maximum expression and improved health. At Kirkman Chiropractic our team employs various treatment methods including spinal adjustments, massage, trigger point therapy, nutrition, and exercise to improve the overall function of the system.

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