Physical Therapy
and Rehab

Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries can occur anytime – from driving to playing sports to just “hanging out at home.” When you’ve suffered an injury, regardless of the cause, physical therapy may be in order. Physical therapy is a branch of medical science that utilizes a variety of non-invasive treatment modalities to help heal the body and restore normal function.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Using our cutting-edge diagnostic tools and techniques, we will determine the best course of treatment for your specific injury. Your treatment will include at-home exercises to supplement the physical therapy and exercise rehab done in our Orlando chiropractic office. In addition, we may suggest you attend our Wellness Workshop to help you learn how to avoid similar injuries in the future.

The Sooner, the Better

The longer you wait to address an injury, the more “retraining” required to get you out of pain and back to normal function. Take your first step towards your recovery and call Kirkman Chiropractic in Orlando today to schedule an evaluation.


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