How can chiropractic help to alleviate stress?

morning stretches that can reduce back pain

To understand how chiropractic care can help alleviate stress, we first need to understand stress itself and where it comes from. Stress is not a bad thing. Healthy levels of stress can help us to get important things done with a sense of urgency. It is excess stress that causes issues ranging from anxiety to depression, illness, and physical pain. As you deal with the embodiments of excessive stress, it’s hard to deal with anything without becoming frustrated. The goal of chiropractic care is overall health and wellbeing, body, and mind.

It is the goal of chiropractic care to bring balance back to the body by adjusting the spine and neck. Chiropractic is a safe, non-invasive therapy that brings back mobility and health to the spine, which will alleviate stress, help you relax more easily, and help you make life changes for better posture, which will reduce muscle tension.

There are 5 main ways that chiropractic can help reduce stress:

  • Alleviate muscle tension
  • Adjust the spine
  • Educate you on the link between stress and back pain
  • Consult on nutritional changes
  • Give relaxation tips

Alleviation of muscle tension

It’s 2020. People are working from home more than ever before and creating tension on their bodies that manifests itself over time. Sitting at the desk for long periods of time without standing, stretching, or moving around causes tension in your muscular systems, causing them to become one-sided, stiff, and painful.

Visiting the chiropractor for an adjustment helps restore health to the spine, in turn helping the spine restore function to the rest of the body, which depends on it for everything from breathing to swallowing. You can find yourself getting sick less often, having more energy, and feeling less stress overall.

Adjustment of the spine 

Your spine is the “backbone” of the entire body, literally and figuratively. Everything from moving limbs, to breathing and swallowing, are controlled by the brain via the spinal cord. When you tense up from stress these processes can be impeded. Visiting your chiropractor for an adjustment relieves pain, and helps re-energize these systems, making them work better. When the body is working properly, it benefits your immune system, gives you more energy, and less stress. Many of the same benefits come from a good diet and exercise, which we will discuss in the next part.

Your spine, stress, and chiropractic

Carrying all of your stress in your back is real. It’s common to have physical pain as a result of mental stress causing tension in the body. This tension is a common cause of lower back pain. Long term stress and muscle tension can affect your posture, shoulders, and other muscles of the body.

As you continue to slouch and develop bad posture, you lean, causing muscles to tense to one side, hindering your balance. This can happen in the neck, back, shoulders, and hips. Most of us only notice once the muscles tense up so much that they cause pain but the root of the problem and opportunity for treatment begin much earlier.

Chiropractic care can help patients find solutions to reduce stress and pain in their back and neck. There are plenty of reasons to consult with your local chiropractor on how you can help alleviate pain and stress. If you are in the Orlando, Florida area, Kirkman Chiropractic is here to help! Call us today or message us through our site here to set up an appointment.


Excessive food intake can help you feel an immediate relief in stress mentally, but it’s putting more stress on an already tired body. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of long-term health. In addition to the adjustment of your spine, your chiropractor can help you adjust your lifestyle and nutrition in ways that will benefit your overall health, spine included!

You can learn more about adjustments to your nutrition, supplements you can and should be taking, and more. Every patient is different and their needs are different. Get in touch with us today to talk more about how we can help you adjust your life to achieve a pain-free, less stressed existence.


Patients often have emotional reactions to chiropractic adjustment therapy. It’s more common than you might think. Our bodies and minds are linked irrevocably to each other. Your back is in some ways the figurative center of the body. It helps every system in the body continue to work as the brain sends signals.

As we work on your spine and adjust it to give you less tension throughout your day, a reduction in stress will help you to relax more easily.

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