Herniated Discs (Slipped Discs) and Chiropractic | How Can We Help?

What is a herniated disc?

Before we get into treatment and preventative measures for herniated discs, it’s important to address what a herniated (or slipped) disc is. A slipped disc occurs when one of the discs between the series of bones (vertebrae) in the spinal column “slips” out from between the two bones it is protecting. These spinal discs are meant to cushion the movement between the vertebrae to prevent painful movement. They absorb the shock of your everyday activities, which can become painful once one has slipped out of place.

What causes slipped discs?

Every day as we move, more wear and tear is put on the elements of the spine. Once the outer ring of a spinal disc starts to wear away, the risk of it becoming herniated or “slipping” grows.

Wear and tear happen normally as a person ages, but there are other circumstances that can cause a slipped disc prematurely. An inexperienced weight lifting technique is a good example of a twisting motion that causes discs to slip. Being overweight, causing more than normal stress on the spine, is another common issue that leads to slipped discs. We will go over some more of these risks in the next section.

How to reduce the risk of slipped discs

  • Use proper lifting techniques – When you are lifting at the gym or during activities like moving boxes, bend your knees and keep the back straight for a healthy, natural lifting motion. This allows you to use the strength in your legs for a majority of the power needed. You should not bend at the waist and use your lower back to lift heavy objects.
  • Stay healthy and fit – Obesity causes unneeded stress on the spine and can lead to slipped discs.
  • Good posture – Whether you’re walking, running, sitting, standing, or even sleeping, posture is important to long term spinal health. Give this post a look for a detailed breakdown of good posture and how you can achieve it.
  • Get your daily stretches in – especially before sports or physical activities.
  • Avoid wearing high heels as much as possible.
  • Keep your muscles strong – Keeping muscles strong will promote a healthy, straight spine. Remember to focus on a balance between strength and flexibility, too. You don’t want to over-strengthen your muscles to the point of losing your flexibility. Both are equally important.

How does chiropractic help with herniated discs?

If you are suffering from a herniated disc, you know that the slightest move or twist can cause you pain and further aggravate the problem. Doctors at Kirkman Chiropractic carefully assess your issue and then gently adjust the area into alignment over a series of visits. Skilled chiropractic care based on a patient-centered approach allows us to safely and effectively assess and then adjust the spine to free you from herniated disc pain.

An adjustment with Kirkman Chiropractic can remove pressure riding on a nerve in the back, which can create immediate relief from pain. Our goal is to remove the misalignments causing the pain, restoring proper nerve communication to the systems of your body, and reducing inflammation centered around the herniated or “slipped” disc. This is the best way to achieve permanent, sustainable pain management without the need for medication. Seeking chiropractic care is a long-term solution to your pain, rather than medicating the pain away and masking it until it becomes worse. We aim at a better quality of life for our patients without the risks associated with some of the other methods for treating herniated discs and pain in general.

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